Friday, April 26, 2013


 Feels a little weird, that everything we own is behind these doors
No matter how much planning you do, there is always something that you packed away...that you now need...So, we were digging in the storage unit yesterday trying to find it! Yes, we finally located the box, but couldn't quite get to it..I wasn't much help with my temporarily crippled foot. We will go back another day when Tom has a better helper...Will be nice to be one day settled again...


  1. Your storage area is a lot neater than mine would ever be!

  2. hi there. i can not find an email address to email ya back so i will write you a note here. thank you for stopping by my blog today. so glad you found me some how - i love the bloggy-sphere. you never know how you find folks but so glad you do. i hope you have a great weekend. stop by again real soon. big big hugs. ( :

    when my great aunt (she has since past on, i kind of miss doing those sort of missions for her) had a storage unit it was tough for my mom & me(i, myself) to find things ... it was usually all the way in the back. so silly. but we did it because it made her happy. (giggles) oh, the things we miss.

  3. I enjoyed your title Janey, made me smile :)