Friday, February 28, 2014


There is always something special going on in town (Ft. Worth, Texas that is).
Seems tomorrow, there is a Butterfly Exhibit going on at the Botanical Gardens. Butterflies of Asia that is. I think that sounds like something to see.
They flanked the entrance pond with butterfly topiaries
Hopefully they will cover these, as we are expecting yet another freeze on Sunday night.... even though it is 80 degrees today! I hope that Spring is on the way to you....or make that Fall for you Grace!


  1. (isn't this weather crazy?!?!?!)

    ahem. beautiful displays.

  2. Hello Janey:

    This sounds as if it will be terrific fun and hugely interesting. We do hope that you will post more after your visit.

    Jó hétvégét!!

  3. I was just thinking Janey that we would have to cover the topiaries for completely opposite reasons :) they would be scorched by the sun here! I fear that it'll be another month before we feel the temps cooling down.

  4. I hope that the butterflies are in a well-protected place!