Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Now That is A Good Pizza

One of the chores you have, when moving to a new town, is finding your favorite places to eat. Ft. Worth, Texas, our new home, seems to have more than it's share of privately owned Mom and Pop businesses.....and we are loving it. Maybe we were only use to chain restaurants, because we have lived for so many years in suburbia (Houston). Well, now in our retirement, we have chosen to live in the city. Recently I told you about finding a great hamburger...and yesterday we found a great pizza.
Some of you probably like deep dish pizza, but I like a thin crispy crust and  a lot of toppings, including..... yes jalapenos....and this one certainly fit the bill.
Campisi's Italian Restaurant started in Dallas back in 1946 by a young couple who had immigrated from Sicily; opening first a grocery store. There are several of these places (all still family owned) in neighboring Dallas. 
It was also a plus that the place had great ambiance, friendly good service and fresh flowers on the table.
It is so much fun to exploring our new hometown!


  1. too funny! when i saw the first photo opening, i thought 'campisis'. their salami pizza is to die for! :) i'll drive in to dallas now and again to meet a friend for lunch and we'll share one.

  2. Good idea to explore and this restaurant sounds like it might become a favorite. Bet you'll find some great ethnic restaurants, too--our favorites.

  3. Oh yes I like those crispy ones myself too, this one looks to bite in. Nice to hear you explore the city for nice places.

  4. Hello Janey, I feel like eating pizza by looking at this picture. It looks delicious. Hugs..Sandra