Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why do I like color?

Don't know about you...but I like color, especially the color red. When I travel, I usually wear darker colors though. Like black.  Do I wear this color because it doesn't show dirt, spilled coffee, etc. or because it makes me fit in?

I notice that when I am in New York and other large cities around the world, I usually find people dressed like this:

and even when they are more casual, they tend to look like this:
Sometimes, I wonder why I love color so much. Maybe, I owe this to my grandmother. She made a lot of mine and my sisters clothing, as children, especially at Easter time. For some reason, she always picked out a green fabric for my oldest sister, a soft blue for the next in line, and when it came to me... it was red. This looks a lot like many of my Easter dresses.
So, I wonder if you can convince a child that they favor a certain color? I am thinking probably so. The love of color also carries over to my home furnishing; bright colors seem to make me happy.. I have to tell you a funny story.

I was visiting my youngest daughter in Chicago one Spring. We were walking down Michigan Ave.( the main shopping street downtown) on an unusually warm day. I was wearing a jacket ..not unlike this one:

I suddenly became aware that almost every other woman, walking down the street, was dressed like a New Yorker, yep....different shades of black. I began to feel very self-conscious. When we stopped at a crosswalk, my daughter, who wasn't aware of how uncomfortable I was, exclaimed," Look Mom there is a bee on your jacket"!! Much to my chagrin, what seemed like a huge crowd of people, turned to look.


  1. you've got style and flair. flaunt it! :)

  2. I, too, love color, but about two years ago I switched my wardrobe to black. Now I add color with scarves and accessories.

  3. The jacket is fabulous Janey, it would shine out amongst the black.. I was just thinking myself that I've been wearing much too much black lately.. Will have to do something about that :)

  4. When I was younger I used to wear lots of red and other bright colours, but I don't anymore, don't know why. Had a time with lots of brown, but that is over too. Through the years I always have worn lots of black and still do but so now and than some other bright colours.I always liked taupe.