Monday, February 24, 2014

The New Addition

Attended a lecture at the Fort Worth Woman's Club, as a guest of my sister Nancy,  to hear a very interesting, and informative lecture on the new addition to the Kimbell Art Museum. The new space was designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, and is a much needed and welcome addition to the Kimbell's main building, the Louis Kahn Building.
Connie B. (the speaker) is the Senior Museum Educator at the Kimbell, with degrees from Emory  and Southern Methodist Universities, and has been with the museum for fifteen years. Connie is also a family friend.

Nancy invited all of her sisters L to R: Polly, Me, Nancy, Suzanne and Dotty

I have visited the Kimball since I moved to town and the new Renzo Piano building. Sure wish I had attended the lecture prior to going. Now I can't wait to return. At that time, I will photograph both of these amazing buildings!


  1. I love art museums and galleries Janey, would love to see more. I'm going into the city tomorrow to see an exhibition at our gallery in the city.

  2. you are soaking in the culture. :)

  3. I always like those lectures, you learn so much about all kind of subjects. Renzo Piano has made that green building near the central station in Amsterdam, the NEMO science museum, maybe you remember.

    1. You really are going to have to put Ft. Worth on your bucket list.

  4. Will keep my eyes open for Johnny Janey :)

  5. I LOVE museums because it speaks so clearly of the culture.