Sunday, February 2, 2014

Live in a Department Store

In a previous blog  post titled: Not What They Use To Be Here 
I showed you three buildings that had been recycled, near where our new home is being built, but I forgot to show you the one that started it all ....on the same street!
In 1928 Montgomery Ward, built the largest store in the country (and the biggest building in the state of Texas) which was a combination store and catalog fulfillment headquarters.The then U shaped, building made it possible for the train to deliver goods between the buildings. Montgomery Ward went out of business in 2001, and much discussion went on about what to do with the huge buildings. Several business were considered, including a grocery store. Finally, after major remodeling, a luxury condominium/shopping area opened in 2006. Two hundred and forty condos with forty seven different floors plans, many with views of the Trinity River and the skyline of Ft. Worth. The front facade was craved all the way through making room for a street down the middle, that is lined with restaurants, terraces, boutiques and coffee shops. Good job Ft. Worth.

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