Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Two Buildings

On Monday of this week, I talked about attending a lecture on the new addition to the Kimbell Art Museum. I guess I should clarify that the addition was not actually built on to the existing structure. You see the Louis Khan building completed in 1972, is the original building housing The Kimbell Art Museum's permanent collection, and is a work of art its self,  not something that you would just.... add on to.
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This world famous piece of  modern architecture was designed by the gifted Luis Khan, who was born on an island off of Estonia, in 1901. He moved, with his family, to Pennsylvania, at the age of four and later became an American citizen., and an award winning architect.
Entering the building, you pass fountains of softly flowing water
before entering a path through an arbor of trees. All of this to relax you physically and mentally, enabling you to enjoy the works of art that you are about to see.
Across the expanse of lawn, there on the left, is where Renzo Piano (who is a famous Italian architect) built the much needed, energy efficient, beautifully designed Renzo Pavilion. As Renzo himself said: " Close enough for a conversation , not too close, and not too far away" 
The Renzo Pavilion....a place you need to see for yourself!
Parking can be a problem in the museum district. Part to the new pavilion construction, included a new parking garage, built under that grassy section between the two buildings. Best of all, it is free...and seems to me that folks haven't found it yet? Shhh!


  1. I do like the idea of the 'relaxed' approach, getting you in the mood :) The Kimbell Gallery looks fantastic Janey AND even more so now that you have your own carpark :)

  2. The arbor looks delightful!