Monday, February 10, 2014

With Dreams of Moscow

I know many of us are enjoying watching the Olympic Games in Sochi. Seeing the Olympics in Russia brings back memories of 1980, when then U. S.  President Carter, made the decision to boycott the summer Olympics in Moscow.
 I am not writing this with a political opinion. My memory is of the athletics that didn't get to go. That memory is very personal to members of  our family. Meet my sister's step-daughter, Vincent, who was part of the fencing team heading to those Olympics. Beautiful, 6ft tall Vinnie ,went on to be USFA National Champion in '84 and National Epee champion '82 '83 '84 and '86. She did make it four years later, to Los Angeles, but didn't medal.
Always a champion to us!


  1. i have a personal connection to one such athlete that didn't get to go. i think their dreams were never realized and i think that stays forever.

  2. The mix of politics and sport is a bad one. Sporters are so disappointed when they can't follow their dreams to compete.

  3. Boycotting a sports event like this is always a tough call. She must have been very disappointed despite her many honors.