Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Game Night

Last night my sister Polly asked me to be a substitute Po Ke No player . Their group of twelve ladies  play once a month. That way you only have to host it at your house one time a year. This is the second time that I have been asked to sub. Po Ke No is similar to Bingo. The only difference I saw was that cards were drawn by the dealer.
One duty of the hostess is to provide dinner. Polly made these delicious Sour Cream Enchiladas.
Accompanied by a Mexican chopped salad that was chock full of black beans, avocados, cojita cheese and dressed with cilantro lime dressing.
and since it was February, she made (and decorated) heart shaped sugar cookies. The food was delicious and I enjoyed playing Po Ke No with my sister's friends.

It has been unusually cold here in North Texas. I hope to get outside  before long....and take some pictures to share


  1. Would Polly be willing to share her recipes for enchiladas and the chopped salad? Everything looks terrifically delicious.

    1. Kate. Hopefully this link will take you to the chopped salad recipe:

  2. oh, one of those cookies, please! {waving hand in the air}

  3. That is a cute way to play a game (and eat). I am always surprised how creative you all are in baking and cooking.