Friday, February 7, 2014

The Selections

We seem to spend several days each week making important selections for our new place. Floors, granite, bathroom tiles etc. etc. To some people this is fun, but for me it is almost over whelming. We loved our large kitchen suite in Houston (pictured below), which was almost the entire width of the back of the house. The colors we chose there were warm yellows, golds and burgundies...
click on photo to enlarge
We are also having white cabinets in Ft. Worth but I am going with almost white granite as well, with probably white subway tiles as a back splash. That way we can add color with our decorations.
This time, the living room will be at the opposite end of the kitchen. We are keeping the sofa, coffee table and rug...but will have new chairs. We are going to be playing up the blue a lot more. I hope I am nor confusing you...I know I am confusing myself from time to time.
Hard to imagine a slab of this
So we went out into the unheated warehouse (it's very cold here this week) to look at larger selections
I promise it will look great when it is all finished...I think?


  1. i would not be good at that process. good luck!

  2. Overwhelming, but what fun to plan something entirely new!

  3. Wish you luck with these difficult decisions!

  4. I enjoy your blog very much and read it is a pleasure. You should be a writer. I wish I could follow your blog by em-mail. Best wishes, sandra

  5. It will look fantastic Janey, but it is definitely a nerve wracking business.. I can't tell you how relieved I was when my kitchen was finished :)