Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Scary Ride

There is a scary drive around here, that most everyone takes  in July, when the wildflowers are blooming. Although,  it takes a four wheel drive vehicle to maneuver the tiny steep shelf roads. The road has no side rails and is only wide enough for one car. If you meet someone coming from the other direction, you must find a pull out, so the other car can pass. At times, this means backing up. Still, both side mirrors on the cars must be pulled in in order to pass. That is why I usually make I don't have to go.
Folks usually send back pictures, so you can see that they made it. A recent photo of friends Ed and Robin. What I didn't expect is the picture my friend Betty sent back this week. She ran into this lady up there...All by herself
Cecelia drove those harrowing roads , yes again, all alone. She is a native around here..... and is 95 years old!


  1. oh, my! you, go, cecelia! what a great lady!

  2. Oh those roads must be scary. I saw some narrow ones in Ireland too, and we were with a big bus. But in a way things are always solved for the good. That lady is a tough one!

  3. The view behind your friends is stunning - we have a road similar to that in the English Lake District, last time we went up it my husband said it was definitely the last time he would drive up it.

  4. Oh there is no way Janey, my reversing is legendary BAD :) Blimey I hope I'm as active as Cecelia when I'm 95!