Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hike

The number one thing my husband loves to do here in the Colorado Mountains is Hike. Yesterday, we did just that.
This hike parallels this pretty little creek, called Brush Creek.
Right away I noticed one of my favorite things, wildflowers.
There were so many different types
and colors.

There was also moss growing in a lot of the shady places.
I did look up on occasion to see the beautiful vistas
and changing topography
We found a table for two (actually a flat rock) to eat the lunch we had packed....even had flowers
Yes, those are Columbine, Colorado's state wildflower.
Our table overlooked Brush Creek where our trail had come back down to finally cross it. Our destination. Two point two miles in ...which means we had to hike two point two miles back to the car. Nice day...but I am tired. We had a dinner party at our house last night for nine people. So I was ready for a nap when I got back to town!


  1. gosh, the columbine are just gorgeous. you do know how to summer. :)

  2. After viewing your photos, I can well understand why you two enjoy hiking!!