Monday, July 28, 2014

Hike Number II

We had friends from Houston stop in for a couple of days this week, and we took them on a hike.
We chose Big Blue because it is a beautiful drive up the mountain to get to the trail head. ...and it is a nice level hike for newly arriving lowlanders.
The stream Big Blue winds through a vast valley in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and is a popular fly fishing stream.
We headed off with our friends on a nicely marked trail to the east of the valley.
All the while, Big Blue meandering just below  through the trees
I of course was lolly gaging behind taking pictures
We finally found a lunch spot out in the open
Yes, it was cool enough at this altitude to sit out in the open, in the sunshine. Tom and our friends were enjoying looking down at Big Blue when eating the lunch we had packed.

*If there has been a lot of moisture, be sure to pack bug repellent of this hike, there can be a lot of mosquitoes..


  1. I see your heart-leaf Arnica are blooming. By the looks of the greenery and moss on the log, you've had some moisture.

  2. How fun this looks...I used to love hiking before...I got olden.:(

  3. You are quite fit enough to make the walk, well done.

  4. YOu don't need much to entertain guests because of wonderful natural surroundings.