Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Theme

My husband and I try to walk daily, but there are times that he is playing golf ,or hiking with the hiking club; and I end up walking alone.
So, on my walks, it helps to have a theme. Mind you, there are a lot of things to photograph around here.
Today's theme was vintage transportation.
There use to be a lot of abandoned old Jeeps sitting around town. Well, not anymore. Someone must have through here that was collecting them...no matter the condition,
 but, if you are looking for an old truck to restore. I know just the place where you can find one!
This one though ...I guess it is already spoken for. 

Linking to: Rubbish Tuesday


  1. Having a theme for photos while walking is terrific and you captured some real classics!

  2. wonderful old trucks, great pics. TFS

  3. Vintage indeed. I have a lot of difficulty finding anything to photograph in the city. But you did a wonderful job. And yes, in case you wondered....I DO remember the Texaco Star!!! lol

  4. Ahhh Janey, back in the mountains. I have a lot of catching up to do on blog reading having been a lazy blogger for the past 2 months. I shall enjoy that cool Colorado air.

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  5. I would be completely happy with any of them!

  6. Love these old trucks! Great finds.

  7. I like walking alone with my thoughts but you seem to have lots to occupy your mind with choosing such interesting themes.

  8. I'm a huge fan of your theme. Love all of these oldies, but especially that last one. Thank you for linking up!

  9. I love this. Those trucks are just so cool.

  10. How fun it must have been to find all these beauties Just perfect for Rubbish Tuesl
    We live in West Texas..hot and dry. We just got home from a week long vacation in Colorado and New Mexico. Red River is our favorite place right now. It was beautiful, perfect weather with an afternoon shower coming at the perfect time of day...nap time. :)
    I am linking up to follow you.