Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Morning Porch

We are finally in our new home. It is a city house. Only three miles from downtown. We can walk to restaurants, drug stores, shops, bakeries, and even church. It is what they call a zero property line home. Sort of like a townhouse, but we don't share walls with the neighbors; although they are only ten feet away.
We have a very small yard, and an inner courtyard. There is also a shared porch off of the guest rooms, which are upstairs: the master bedroom is on the first floor. One thing that I insisted on, was my morning porch. It is the arch to the right of the lower windows.
The little porch (I know is is very small) is just off of the kitchen, facing south. It amazes me the light that comes through these doors into the kitchen.
It is a great place to sit in the early morning with a cup of coffee...or even have a glass of wine in the late afternoon.
There is not much of a view to the north, just the neighbors fence, but hey, you can see a bit of the sky and a green tree.
I bought these little wicker I just need a table for my coffee

There is a church across the street, and in the winter (when the leaves are gone) you can see the steeple.
Please don't feel sorry for me...that I am so excited over such a tiny porch. Scroll back to my header and you will see the view I have for five months out of the year :)


  1. i like your sweet gate and inner courtyard! i like your little place of comfort!

  2. Congratulations Janey! I think your new home is utterly gorgeous and, by Aussie standards especially here in the north your lovely home would be regarded as a MANSION! True!

  3. It all looks lovely and little wonder that you feel happy - enjoy coffee this morning in your pretty porch.

  4. What a lovely home, I like those rounded porches in the front, it looks so nice, a real home. Must be great to have your own place at last and slowly make it your home with the unpacking.

  5. Are you back in TX in the new house? I think the tiny porch is just right - a cozy and private sanctuary. Enjoy your home!

  6. Your home is beautiful! That is awesome that it is walking distance to everything.

  7. Your new abode is very well planned, and I especially like the master bedroom on the first floor. Very practical!