Monday, July 14, 2014

Early Homes

There are quite a few homes in this quaint town, that have stood the test of time. This little gem from the 1870's was originally built with just adobe bricks, and received a coat of stucco in 2001.
William Robert Monteith, who built it, was part owner in the Silver Queen Saloon which opened it's doors in this mining town in 1875. A later occupant was Otto Mears, a Russian immigrant who built railroads and tollways (to the mines) all through southwestern Colorado.


  1. Goodness looks are deceiving Janey, this sweet little house must be stronger than it looks.

  2. What a beautiful setting for this amazing part of history Janey!

  3. Are the homes still occupied, Janey? Some of our old homes are restored and part of a museum tour.

    1. This one has been boarded up for awhile, but most are occupied. We have history palques in front of a lot of them. We also have escorted history walks, self walk maps and once a year interior tours (in Aug).

  4. Very interesting owners of this little gem.