Thursday, July 3, 2014

Still Here!

Just a note to let you know. I am still here!
It seems like I have been unpacking the kitchen for weeks, despite the fact that we got rid of so many things. It's early morning here, and I am making a pot of coffee in my new kitchen! I still looks a bit bare, in this mainly white kitchen, although we will have a Roman shade made for the kitchen windows that has a bit of color in it. I  hope to get back to blogging soon....Janey


  1. i know it's a ton of work and seems never-ending, but after your long wait, it HAS to feel good! i like your clean white kitchen!

  2. Take it easy Janey, bloggers can wait. I once read that one of the most interventionist things in life is a removal. It sets you whole life upside down. I can only say this will come to an end (ever....) we didn't move for 35 years, so what am I talking about!

  3. Hello Janey,

    Well, this first glimpse of your kitchen looks very good to us. Waking up in the morning to that most attractive and gleamingly white kitchen would surely give anyone a great start to the day.

    Well, at least you can find the coffee....!

  4. I adore your kitchen Janey, you'll be whipping up some delicious culinary delights in there! I enjoyed your post on the trip back to Texas. Everything in your lovely new home will be ship-shape before you know it!