Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christmas In July

Those bloggers that have been with me awhile will remember Christmas in July, a fundraiser for our little Library here in this tiny Colorado town. We have it every July. You buy a ticket for Thirty Dollars. It is a fun evening where there are....

a pot luck dinner, including a dessert

and oh yes, a Christmas tree
oops how could I forget Don of the keyboard and saxophone
The biggest part of the ticket revenue goes to buy a new book for the library. It is gift wrapped and put on this tree. Each guest is assigned a number. When your number is called you can open a book or steal one that has already been opened. Let's just say there is a lot for fun stealing going on. You don't get to keep the book, you simply get to read it first.. Everybody wins. We have a fun fun evening, and the library gets 50 new books.


  1. Not heard of that idea before but it does sound like fun and a great way to fundraise.

  2. What a great idea for raising $'s.

  3. A very creative fund raiser where everyone wins!

  4. I remember you mentioned this indeed before. The library will be fond of you.