Saturday, July 12, 2014


Planting flowers in this area of the world. (high in the Colorado Mountains) can be a problem. The chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits are bad enough about eating them....and then there are the deer, that mow down anything that looks edible..
One flower that they seem to leave alone is the Shasta Daisy. I took this on my morning walk through town. This vacant lot downtown seems to be a testament to that!


  1. Pretty....
    my sister lives on the Western Slope, high in the san juan mountains of Colorado...and we know what it's like to have wildlife eat everything in sight....she can't keep an apple on the trees in her orchard 'cause of deer.

  2. I grow Shasta Daisies and love their pretty white faces. However, they are smelly so I don't like putting them in bouquets! I've been really lucky with the critters letting my gardens alone. (Knock on wood!)

    1. No wonder they don't like them Barb. I was thinking that if I grew them I could have bouquets of pretty flowers all over the house...guess not.

  3. They are so dainty, smelly or not!