Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cow and Calf

We love to go on drives around here. The scenery is beautiful in all four directions .. Yesterday (early) we headed in one of my favorite directions, east up the mountain, to a series of small lakes There are four little lakes (Deer Lakes) that are damned up, and flow one into another cascading down a hill.
This is a shot where lake number two is flowing down into lake number three. It is a great place to fish and a favorite picnic spot (with several tables ).
 It is a nice little hike up to lake number one.
but worth the effort.
It s not unusual to see moose in the area. Here we discovered a female grazing on plants that grow on the bottom of the lake.
 Tom called my attention to something nestled in the grasses to my right.

It was her calf. Mother and child posing for me! I am thinking that they should change the name of the lakes to Moose Lake.


  1. What a wonderful group of photos! I can well understand why you like to take drives after seeing these pictures. The third one with the marvelous reflections is fantastic. I think that having a picnic there would be an EVENT!!

  2. oh, how awesome!!! and i love the lake reflections! wow!

  3. Those reflections in the lake are wonderful and how neat to see a mother and her calf.

  4. Lucky you, Janey! I'm keeping my eyes open for Moose but haven't seen any since winter. It looks green there - we just had a nice rain, which we needed.

  5. Way beyond beautiful - exquisite!

  6. Gorgeous reflections in the third shot Janey, gosh imagine seeing a moose.. I guess it's a little like me seeing kangaroos :) Looks like it was the perfect day for a bit of a hike..