Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello Monday

I have as we say, been dragging my feet lately. This virus has hung around way too long, and I am hoping this week I will finally be back on track.
So, since this is as far as I have ventured out lately, I have taken a shot of one of my large flower pots on my patio. I thought this was a cabbage, but the nursery where I bought it, tells me it is Kale and it can withstand cold temperatures down to the mid twenties. Do you landscapes with winter flowers?
Have a Happy Monday!


  1. the last fall blooms of my lantana froze recently. no other landscaping efforts from me. :)

  2. It took me ten days to feel better, have used a 10 piece package of handkerchieves, have been coughing all the time and thought it would never end.... Have even affected hubby too, so we both were suffering. Now I feel better at last, so be patient, It will ever end. I haven't been out for two weeks, not my style.....and out of photos aswell.

  3. Gosh - I always thought that plant was ornamental cabbage. I see them planted in Denver over the fall and winter. I'm seeing nothing but snow in my landscape just now! Hope you feel better soon, Janey.

  4. I have only known it as ornamental cabbage but whatever its name it makes a stunning display at this time of the year.

    1. I called it a cabbage and the guy said it was in the same family but this one was kale. Anyway I like that they can take cold temps and they are not so pricey $3.00

  5. Very colourful. My parents took to eating kale after the kids were out of the house.

    I had something or another that started before Christmas, and it took a month to feel better.

  6. Now I always thought kale was just green,so many vegetables to discover :)

  7. Now I always thought kale was just green,so many vegetables to discover :)