Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Botanic Garden Walk part two

Meanwhile back to our walk
Our gardens have been here for a long time. Thirty seven acres were set aside for a park in 1912, and then in 1933 the City Forrester a Mr. Morrison felt that the public should know more about the local trees and plants so a project began in 1933 to have more formal sections and various walking trails.

My first memory would be in the 1960's. I was in high school and visiting my oldest sister who had moved to Ft. Worth after getting married.

Sadly, the huge rose garden that the park is so famous for, is having to be completely replaced because of a plant disease. The other plants and flowers were recently beaten down by our two hail storms. So, only a few blossoms greeted us, but plenty of sunshine.
The leaves on the trees around the large pond are just beginning to peak out.
Looks like local turtles were enjoying the sunshine too.

If you looked closely you could see some Japanese Koi fish
There even seemed to be some young ones following their Mother
We continued on another trail, that led to a children's garden. My Tom was the only kid I had in tow.
Next we walked by the Japanese Gardens which were added to the park in the 1960's.
Even without many flowers blooming the park is a beautiful place to explore
The whole project over the years has grown to 110 acres and includes that Japanese Tea Garden which was added in the 1960's. It is the only section where there is an entrance charge, and
we decided to wait a little later in the Spring to visit. 


  1. Apart from Tom I expect that the kids love that little yellow house - the park is a lovely facility to have for everyone who lives nearby.

  2. It looks like a lovely place any time of the year. I hope you go back to the Japanese Garden and Tea Shop later to take photos so we can enjoy it with you.

  3. That was a nice walk, a lovely place to visit. That Tom of you will always be young!