Sunday, March 20, 2016


After lunch in Belton (previous post) ,we walked down the terraced hill to pretty Nolan Creek,
where I noticed a man wearing a the water
He seemed to be enjoying the rapids
but in reality, he was part of a group of firemen that were practicing water rescues. As he floated by swiftly, the men on the shore would throw rescue lines to him. They did this over and over, taking turns being the victim.
I know they were working, but they did seem to be having a lot of fun on such a pretty day.


  1. Interesting to see how they practise, must be neccessary.

  2. I never realized that they actually practice for those kind of rescues.

  3. These wonderful men provide such a great service. Coincidentally, yesterday I met four on a break at a local coffee shop and their photo will be posted on my blog next Tuesday. I left a message for you on mine today re. Donna Leon and her books.

  4. Our firemen do this, too, in the spring. Think how cold our water is - brrrr!

  5. It's not surprising that they'd do this- their jobs consist of so many other things aside from putting out fires.

  6. I'm sure the practice is necessary, but it also does look like fun!

  7. glad there are folks to do this!

  8. I suppose just because it's serious it doesn't mean it can't be fun as well.

  9. Dearest Janey,
    That was quite a sight for all of you to watch!
    One never knows what you run into and this is a life saving practice.