Friday, March 25, 2016

Museum Day

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but very windy. It didn't matter, because we were inside most 
of the day at a couple of our favorite museums. Our guests really like western art, so I think the Amon Carter
was their favorite.
I took this from the second floor of the museum. It sits on a hill to the west of downtown.(Fort Worth).
 I liked several of the paintings by Charles Russell. This one titled: Indian Women Moving 1898

 There was an action packed one titled: Smoke of a .45 1908
again by Russell
and  this one titled: The Silk Robe 1890
Charles Russell posing with his horse Neenah
Russell was born in Missouri in 1864, but moved to Montana in 1880 where he lived out his life. He even lived with an Indian tribe for a year.

The Amon Carter Museum also has a large collection of Frederic Remington's
This one: Ridden Down painted in 1905

and if you like bronze statues they have ones by both Russell and Remington
The above by Remington

Our visitors. Laura and Ted enjoyed the Amon Carter
If you are ever in Ft. Worth, don't miss it. It is a large museum also filled with other types of American Art and
there is no entrance fee.


  1. Lovely visit with friends, this art we never see here.

  2. Museums with no entrance fees are always a pleasure to visit. This museum certainly contains many artists of high renown.

  3. Art galleries and museums are the best way to spend bad weather days, good thinking Janey :)