Monday, March 28, 2016

The Gathering

My sister Polly, and her husband Mike hosted our family Easter dinner yesterday. Celebrations like this remind me why Tom and I moved to Ft. Worth from the Houston area, which is almost 300 miles south. We missed so many family gatherings and if we did make it, we had a long drive home.
You knew from the minute you arrived at the door, that things were going to be festive.
and they were. Decorations were everywhere,
and an array of delicious food kept arriving
not to mention a host of relatives.

Why those that ate on the porch even had a Morning Dove watching from her nest.
The whole day turned out to be just beautiful.
Thanks Polly and Mike


  1. The decorations are wonderful, nice party with lots of people (family).

  2. Easter blessings Janey, what a truly lovely sharing of family at such a special time of year.

  3. What a great Easter gathering! Lovely Easter decorations and I like the dove watching over her nest!

  4. What a wonderful day you and your relatives enjoyed!