Monday, March 14, 2016

The Goodbye Gift

I saw this on the wall of a restaurant and it reminded me of something.
I had a neighbor years ago, that worked for a large company. You know the type where the employees don't actually have their own offices, but small cubicles. Seems there was one man that worked there that let it be known that he was  not happy with his cubical, since the only small wall he could hang a picture on was taken up by the emergency fire alarm.

I am not sure if the fire alarm led to his seeking other employment, but he eventually did. I forgot to mention that my neighbor's hobby was painting. So, at the going away party, she presented him with a life sized painting of the dreaded alarm, so that he could hang it in his new office.


  1. Pretty funny! I wonder what he did with the painting. . .kept it or trashed it?

  2. Oh boy, that's a nice way to rub it in!

  3. I wonder if he thought it was as funny as the giver did.