Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No Thanks!

One of our supermarket chains is playing a game. Monopoly that is. With every purchase of a certain amount they give you a monopoly piece. I am not playing. mainly because I don't shop here on a regular basis. As far as taking a selfie right now...I don't think so!
I do realize that this is not what they mean when they say put more vegetables into your diet.
Don't fret, I am okay. Just too much sun over the years. I had some laser resurfacing done and you are supposed to put cold packs on your face the first day, and yes frozen peas fit the bill. Maybe a selfie later.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. That makes for an entirely different kind of selfie!

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Oh my, I would not fall for that Monopoly either and I am not a friend of selfies!
    As for your cold pack, you would have loved to have Torex on hand. I learned to appreciate that during the therapy for my hand. After one hour of thorough torture, my hand would be hot and they let me end with such a Torex (from the freezer) in a pillow case to wrap around my hand.
    Hope you will soon look good and be careful with sun exposure. We both see our skin cancer doctor regularly and once I needed surgery on the side of my nose. And once on my leg. My left under arm got treated as well, it left a kind of dimple in the flesh but glad it was not a dangerous cancer.