Friday, May 25, 2012


After a long and restful afternoon of sailing' and a fun night at dinner, we pulled into the harbor of Amsterdam the next morning at day-break.

Amsterdam seems to be a contrast of life-styles. Famous for their liberal attitude toward several vices that are illegal in most places, it also oozes with sophistication, charm and culture. There must be more museums in this city than anywhere in the world and so many canals that you could easily mistake it for Venice!

Included at this stop was a canal cruise in  one of the famous glass top boats.

 and finally, Tom being Tom!

After seven glorious nights on Avalon's Felicity, we have packed up and left the ship and have checked  into the RHO Hotel just of of Dam Square in Amsterdam. Come back tomorrow when I meet up with a fellow blogger!
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  1. Am anxious to see the person you are meeting. I'd like to visit Amsterdam for the pleasure of visiting all those museums.

  2. Ah, you past the maritime museum I see. The group of partying people are mostly not from Amsterdam. A lot of people from the country come to Amsterdam to party. It was liberation day the 5th of May so they had something to celebrate. Well and Tom had just to take one step out of the hotel to have fun!

  3. You are correct . These crazy guys...we talked to and they were from Ireland!