Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rudesheim, Germany part two

And now..back to the second half of that stop in Rudesheim. You probably think ...that ship is going in circles on the Rhine!.....After thoroughly enjoying the Music Box Museum we were treated to a coffee with brandy and whipped cream at a local restaurant. Rudesheim is a treat with narrow streets, cute eating establishments, and a lot of souvenir shops!

There is a chair lift over the vineyards to the top of the hill (for a nominal fee) where there is a famous statue; which at this time was being repaired, and was covered up. But, the ride , in the open air chair lift, is peaceful and beautiful. The views at the top are pretty too, on a nice day, and worth a walk around.

My husband and a friend decided they needed exercise and walked the 2.2km back down. They advise paying attention to the directional signs as they got off course a couple of times! The day in Rudesheim put a smile on my face!
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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying travelling vicariously with you. So much greenery...wonderful.

  2. That was fun to see your Tom walking beneath.