Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rudeshiem, Germany

The river cruise tour, at our stop in Rudesheim, Germany included a walk through Siegfried Wendel's Mechanical Music Museum. I felt sure it was another touristy spot and wasn't too excited. But, by golly, I was wrong. The privately owned collection, housed in this castle like building, displayed over 350 self playing musical instruments. All the collection of one man.

You will marvel at these restored instruments on this well done tour! Groups are divided into manageable sizes, and lead through by guides dressed in nineteenth century costumes. If you find yourself in Rudesheim...don't miss this place!
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  1. It would be fun to know more about the man who collected all of these unusual and wonderful musical objects.

  2. Hi Kate!

    I just know that he is 76 yrs old, decided to start collecting after seeing such a machine in California. His granddaughter is one of the guides.

  3. Oh easily I get off track!I was supposed to tell you about the other end of that excursion where we stopped at the cuckoo shop clock....tomorrow!

  4. That looks like great fun, must have been quite noisy. Don't bother about the chronology, I will read it anyway.Your head is still full of impressions I think.

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