Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rhine Gorge

We could hardly wait for the day our river cruise finally arrived on The Middle Rhine. This area, also called the Rhine Gorge, has a castle almost every half mile. The only problem is the day dawned cloudy, cold and windy. Folks would pop out on deck just long enough to capture a picture, and run back inside. Many of us were even wrapped in blankets .The crew tried their best to make things festive by  passing trays of strawberry adorned champagne. We, on the other  hand, were lined up for the coffee and hot chocolate!

Despite the weather the area was not a disappointment.

The Marksburg, a favorite, and the only castle that somehow managed to escape damage during the many wars in this area!
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  1. Despite the cold, it must have been a terrific sight. The Marksburg is a lovely sight, esp. in your photo.

  2. That is a pity to have cloudy weather at such places when you want to see thing on their best.
    We have finally summerweather here, but saturday we leave for the south of France where it is raining!

  3. Thanks Kate, Polly and Marianne.....

    I love the south of France and am looking forward to your pics M. Go away rain!!!!