Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strasbourg, France

First stop on our Rhine Cruise was Strasbourg France with flavors of both France and Germany. This beautiful city sits right on the border and has been  part of both countries several times. Our cruise included a glass top boat tour of the "la Petite" neighborhood which looks almost like a fairy tale with its timbered houses.

The ochre cathedral with it's reddish glow dominates the busy town square. Strasbourg, both cosmopolitan and old world,  plays host to the European Parliament and has Europe's oldest Christmas Market. It will go on my list of a place I would like to return to.
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  1. The angles give the buildings a different character, I think. The color of the cathedral must be wonderful to see "in person."

  2. It is weird they belonged to two different countries indeed. When you were born there you could get confused. The cathedral looks great.

  3. Next time when you return to Strasbourg make a point to go inside the cathedral. You will be amazed by the stunning interior medieval designs. One thing that you can be sure of is that it will be a unique experience. So don’t forget to carry your camera.