Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where's Heidelberg?

The second stop on our river cruise was listed as Heidelberg, Germany. So, we were confused when we tied up in the tiny town of Speyer. I am not sure that these cruise companies don't bid on those docking spaces as they go along? We did continue on to Heidelberg in the afternoon by bus (where we got to see all of the places promised)....and the ship met us later in the day, further up river.
Don't get me wrong, Speyer was not a disappointment at all. It is a darling, spotlessly clean village with a luscious riverside park, and   pedestrian free main street,  anchored by beautiful churches at either end. There is a Technical Museum there that several people took the time to tour. Although, we didn't ; the name more or less didn't excite me. Then leaving town, I spotted it and was sorry we hadn't visited . It had an actual Boeing 747 propped against the building as if it were taking off. Have a look at the fantastic museum that had everything from a space shuttle to a carousel. .

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  1. Your river cruise sounds pretty wonderful. Although I didn't visit Speyer, I loved Heidelberg on a trip many years ago.