Saturday, May 12, 2012


   Our instructions for meeting up with the Rhine River cruise, was to fly into Zurich, Switzerland and meet our Avalon representative who would drive us to Basel to meet the ship. We decided to go in a day early, so we could see Zurich. We stayed near the airport, and took a trolley into town for dinner. We had a wonderful dinner with the four of the couples traveling with us.(there were actually twenty one couples, all friends meeting up for the cruise) We had heard that Switzerland was expensive...and my husband is now a believer...after receiving the dinner bill!

I spotted this fountain on the way to the restaurant in Zurich, and it rang a bell. Seems a blogger friend had mentioned similar fountains in Paris. Some English gent named Wallace donated many of these drinking fountains ,designed by Charles-Auguste Lobourg, to the city of Paris back in 1871.. The one in Zurich is actually one from Paris, installed in 1982 for the World Convention of Water. You can read all about these fountains by Googling: Wallace Fountains. Come back tomorrow and it's anchors away....but you can't leave Switzerland without a visit to Lucerne!
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  1. I maxed both photos and was impressed with the city!

  2. A beautiful view of Zurich. Yes the prices in Switzerland are notorious...