Saturday, May 26, 2012


Remember back when you were in elementary school, and you had the opportunity to have a "pen pal"? Well, I think having blogger friends is the 21st century's answer to pen pals. When I announced on my blog, that I was coming to Amsterdam, fellow blogger Marianne (and her husband SC, also a blogger) from the blog offered to take me on a walking tour of their hometown, Amsterdam!

I forgot to mention that about half of the 42 people from Houston, traveling with us, also stayed over in Amsterdam, and Marianne and SC said "bring along anyone who wants to come". So ,on the Sunday that we had set aside, at least 15 of them said "of course we want to go".! It turned out to be the highlight of our visit, and thankfully a beautiful  and sunny afternoon.

High on the list of the favorite things they showed us, was a hidden oasis, the Beginhof courtyard, dating back to the 14th century. A sanctuary and home to unmarried religious women of the time. You will find Amsterdam's oldest "wooden" house in this beautiful courtyard as well, and an English Reformed Church.
Following our tour, Marianne and SC (pictured above) had the brilliant idea of all of us going to lunch at the food court of a nearby high end department store. I am not sure how I can ever re-pay them....But, I hope they will trek over to the U.S. someday and let me try!
Come back tomorrow. We are headed to Holland's pride and joy: The Keukenhof Gardens
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  1. What great fun, and only another blogger could be this gracious to fellow travelers! I love Marianne's blog, too. Some of the greatest pleasures I have derived from blogging is meeting my fellow "pen pal" bloggers when travelling. The photo of Beginhof courtyard makes me want to visit, too.

  2. Marianne and SC both have wonderful blogs and it was great that you were able to spend some time with them. The first-person tour was the added bonus.