Sunday, May 13, 2012


An optional tour  offered by our river cruise company, at the meeting place in Zurich, which was a bus trip to nearby Lucerne. I highly recommend taking this option. Lucerne is built on both sides of the Reuss River as it empties into Lake Lucerne  flanked by beautiful mountains. The fourteen century wooden Chapel Bridge rebuilt in 1993 after a fire  is certainly a tourist draw and perfect photo op!

Lakeside right at the Chapel Bridge is the Rathuis Braueri. with  these dazzling copper fermentation vats. The food was pricey, but the beer was delicious!

As you can see I am very enthusiastic about being in Lucerne! It's anchors away this afternoon, first stop Strasbourg, France.
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  1. The bridge is beautiful, I remember the fire in 1993 when it was burned down, everybody was very upset, but they rebuilt it very well. You look very happy to be in Switzerland, great picture!

  2. I was happy...and being a bit silly!

  3. Love your carefree portrait.