Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Good Deed

I know that you shouldn't toot your own horn, but maybe I can brag on my husband, Tom.

 For the last few years he  has been keeping an eye on our 92 yr old neighbor (Dan), who lives alone since the death of his wife, Janet. Dan has several children, but they all live hundred of miles away in another state..

 Anyway, Tom found out that Dan's refrigerator had quit working, and he was having to walk back and forth from his kitchen to his laundry room ...where he had a  second refrigerator. Dan doesn't walk too well, and uses a cane. Living on a limited income, he didn't want to call a handy man to remove the old refrigerator  and put the working one in the kitchen.. When Tom found out, he mentioned the problem to his Saturday morning walking buddies, both members of his Rotary club. These guys grabbed their tool kits... and made short work of it, even though doors of both the refrigerators, and the house, had to be removed to make the switch.
.........I don't think they even noticed me with my little camera....
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  1. These good Samaritans and gentle men were too busy to see you. What a wonderful deed they all did and I applaud your husband and his friends for their sensitivity. Kudos to all of them!

  2. What's that expression Janey, 'what goes around comes around', good deeds always get rewarded in one way or another, even it's the satisfaction of helping someone out.

  3. Acts of kindness. What a great bunch of guys! I'm sure your neighbor is so very grateful to them all.

  4. This made me tear up! That was so nice of them!

  5. You are nice people, but I already knew that. A great job "the boys" did.