Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Plantation part lll

They had a great barn on the Latta Plantation.

and a horse that that liked being fed

a couple of pigs

a pen of sheep

and a very  regal looking rooster.

The weather was perfect the afternoon that we went to the plantation, but a cold front has now blown in.

 We actually left Charlotte , NC early this morning. We drove north to the state of Virginia, cut across West Virginia to Kentucky where we headed north into Indiana. Yes, we have left the deep south and we have arrived in the mid west. Spending the night tonight in Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University. Maybe I can stop by in the morning , and take a photo to show you. It;s snowing like crazy here!....Janey
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  1. I love the shape of those barns, so typical american. You make an interesting grand tour through the US and must have lots of clothes with your from warm to cold. Enjoy to follow you on your trip.

  2. That's a very impressive double storey barn Janey, nice tour around the farm also. It's so hard to imagine that it's already snowing over your way, surely it's too early no??

  3. love the collection of farm animals. be safe in that wintry weather!

  4. Wow, you are traveling through some beautiful country. West Virginia is breathtaking, I think. Have fun; stay warm!


  5. If you traveled through WV, you might have seen Holly. I hope that you are enjoying your travels and that you will not have difficult weather (snow).


  6. The barn looks pretty modern in architecture to me.