Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sun or Snow

It's this time of the year, that you can see why we come home, to South Texas for the winter.

These pictures were taken yesterday, mid November.

As you can see we have mild weather conditions and blooming flowers,

and  by contrast this , also taken this week, is the little town in Colorado where we spend the summer.Yes,
I know it is a pretty scene but, the summer folks leave and many of the stores and restaurants close their doors until the Spring. There are approx. 400 brave souls that live there through the winter...although we have toyed with the idea staying one full calendar year..What appeals to you? Sun or snow?
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  1. Both look nice, but I must admit I like the changing of the seasons we have here. Always warm or cold weather would be a bit boring I think. You can wear other clothes in summer or winter, which I like very much.

  2. I am a beach and motel girl! I love hot weather but don't mind the snow if it isn't accompanied by ice. Until my knees went bad, I love to downhill ski. I'm going back to cross-country this year, that is, if we get enough snow cover. Have a good week-end, Janey.

  3. the last shot is kinda sad, isn't it?

  4. I believe you have the best of both worlds!

  5. I haven't seen snow since I was very young in Scotland, I grew up in Africa and now Australia, so I do quite like the idea of trying a proper winter. I agree with Anni, you have the best of both worlds Janey.