Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Lobby

I had every intention of photographing the western art hanging in the lobby of the Stockyard Hotel.

but...the people themselves proved to be just as interesting. I think this cowgirl was proud of her glitzy pink purse.

Spied this family posing for a picture (looks like I caught Dad's eye)
and out in front.... these two  had a ring side seat.
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  1. I didn't realise people still really wear these clothes. It is like a western movie. Do I see the moustache man has ironed his jeans?

    1. Yes...and so does my Tom. He was putting a crease in his in the ironing room of that hotel in Amsterdam!

  2. Hello:
    To our very English and, to an extent, Hungarian, eyes, this all looks rather strange and foreign. But of interest nonetheless!

  3. These photos gave me a smile. They remind me of the time I spent living in Oklahoma & the people there. :)


  4. they do look interesting themselves indeed
    a bit exotic to me over here in Brussels
    love these local shots !!