Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Art of Nature

It's not unusual to see  metal sculptures in large metropolitan areas, so I hardly gave the above, a second glance...but it is not what it seems...
 Fort Worth, Texas with it's historic and fun stockyards,  is also home to a sizable culture district. An area west of the central business district, where you can find such museums as the  Kimball , the Modern Art  and the Amon Cater. So, you can image the sigh of relief when the devastating  tornado of 2000, which did 500 million dollars worth of damage downtown, skipped over this area.. Well, not entirely. A large billboard  was blown over there. Blown over with such creativity....that the support beams were left as a sculpture/reminder of the power of Mother Nature.Posted by Picasa


  1. What a nice story an a very original sculpture!

  2. Good decision! Interesting that Mother Nature was responsible for this man-made piece of "art!"

  3. It seems Mother Nature has definite ideas of her own about decorating Janey, looks good like this!