Monday, November 5, 2012

Paris Coffee Shop

I guess by now you have gathered that Tom and I went to Fort Worth for a long weekend; staying with one of my four sisters and her husband . Polly and Mike are remodeling their home....and they don't have a kitchen at the moment. So, we sampled a few of Ft. Worth's finest eateries ;most of them locally owned. Including this one.
You would think by the name that it would be a place that you could find pain au chocolate and madeleines...but not so. It is an old fashioned diner. Named after the original owner,Vic Paris and it has nothing to do with the country of France. It's a place where you can get a blue plate special, followed by, made that morning,   pie..topped with at least three inches of fluffy meringue .The waitresses here know the locals by name...and if she doesn't know yours, you will be more than likely be addressed  as Honey..Breakfast is the time to be there. It opens at 6am  and you need to arrive early to find a parking place and preferred seating in the dining room.

The overflow can usually find a seat at the counter and get the same good service.

Paris Coffee Shop 
704 W. Magnolia Ave.
Ft.Worth, Texas 76104
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  1. Breakfast is my favourite meal when eating out, The food must be good in the Paris Cafe Janey, I'd be happy to get there early!

  2. Hello:
    This sounds and looks to be a really fun place with excellent food. Who needs a kitchen with places like the Paris Coffee Shop?

  3. A "coffee shop" has a bit suspisious name here. You mostly take there something else than coffee.
    But this one looks it has the right things for a nice breakfast and a meal.

    1. Ha! I do remember that! Seems they have backed off on their restrictions there regarding tourists!

  4. Janey; next time you are in town we will go there for lunch...maybe some chicken n dumplings!

  5. now THAT'S the kind of paris cafe i'd like!

    and what a great 'excuse' to have to eat out. :)

  6. Looks like a great setting for a movie.

  7. So glad that you had a great weekend. I was with my mom and dad for two days and then two more days with two of my five sisters.

    Thanks for missing me when my blog disappeared. I felt panicked!