Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Short Stop

South of Chicago, we stopped for a quick over-night with old friends, Judy and George who go way back. They grew up on the south side of Chicago with Tom. George and Tom were also fraternity brother's at The University of Illinois. Above,  is the small  quaint downtown section of their little town of Flossmoor, Illinois.

On the opposite side of the street is the small train station with service into Chicago, making it possible for folks to commute and  live out of the big city. Which do you prefer? Big city or small town?

We, by the way, had a great visit. Tomorrow we arrive Chicago!
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  1. There's a place for me in both kinds of cities, I prefer a city large enough to have cultural venues and events. Kinda like the Twin Cities where one can live in a neighborhood but be close to museums, orchestras, colleges, and shopping with small towns and villages closeby. Nice to visit old friends that are best friends.

  2. chicago is a great city - lots of culture, fabulous food. but i definitely prefer small town - country, actually. :)

  3. This looks almost European, with the lattice construction houses.