Friday, December 28, 2012

Sparkle and Glow

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On Christmas night, my family all gathered on a snowy evening at my sister Nancy's home for a casual dinner. It was  wonderful to see everyone, and I loved her decorations, especially this ledge that held a display of crystal rose bowls and an assortment of matching candles. Yesterday, we traveled back to Houston. The highway was crowded, but we had a nice drive and a safe trip. Are you travelling this holiday season? If so stay safe!
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  1. Some people have a special eye to make decorations, love it.

  2. very pretty. glad you made it back home safely.

    re: the coyote fencing, i think if it is placed tightly enough and to the ground it might deter coyotes from entering a pasture. but the ones i showed seemed to loose to keep out my dogs. :)

  3. Crystal and candles, perfect combination!