Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Are The Chances?

This picture was taken at my Colorado house, where Tom and I live in the summer.

 Lake City, Colorado is a tiny town of four hundred people that swells to over four times that number when we summer folk arrive. I grew up in what I considered a small town in Texas. Sherman is in north Texas and had a population of about 30,000. We had one high school, when I lived there, and most everyone knew each other.

You can imagine my surprise when one summer, I discovered four other people in my little Colorado town from Sherman, not just from Sherman, but from my actual high school graduating class! The group above had not seen each other for 40 years!
So, how did we run into each other? The two other women, Risa and Ruth, who lived in different states, had started exchanging Christmas cards. Ruth mentioned that they had a cabin in Lake City, Co. Risa was amazed as she and her husband spend a month there every summer. They of course got together that summer, when they arrived. They were sitting in a local restaurant looking through our high school yearbook, when Mike (back row left) walked up and said, "ladies can I show you something?" He flipped the page and said, "that's me". Mike also has a cabin in town. Which leaves Chris on the right. Chris had become a Facebook friend of mine and he had posted a picture of our little town...saying he summers in the area. Back to Risa and Ruth. The day after their lunch, they decided to take the Victorian Home Tour, a fundraiser for the little museum . Well, you guessed it. I was a hostess on the home tour. When they started discussing the Victorian homes in their hometown, I asked "where is that"?

To make a long story short..I invited them all to my house one day for lunch! We sure had fun reminiscing!
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  1. That is a funny way to organise a reunion, you were not looking after each other but met by coincidence!

  2. holy cow! this world just keeps getting smaller every day. that's awesome!

  3. What fun to reconnect after so many years! What are the chances that all of you would find each other again in such a small little town.

    Great photo of you five!