Friday, December 14, 2012

On My Morning Trail

On my way to the gym I pass a Mormon Temple;  illuminated here by the morning sun. Completed  in the year 2000,  we were actually able to tour it ( being non Mormons) before it was blessed.

I am not familiar with the Mormon religion...and knew nothing about the tradition of  ( life sized) oxen statues supporting the baptismal pond. I thought, how nice, since the temple is in Texas... they used a Texas theme, and added long horned steers. I wondered why, when I commented on this during the tour, my husband answered me with a SHHHH!

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  1. We see a lot of youg men here dressed in a suit with very short haircuts, who are here for a year or so to spread the Mormon religion. They cycle with two of them through our cities. They are a bit strange birds, because nobody is dressed like them at that age here. Can you imagine them in the city of "sin" Amsterdam? I wonder if anybody wants to be a Mormon here.

  2. The young Mormon men my room-mates and I dated eons ago were wonderful dates, yet they all married Mormon women...must be an edict of the religion?

    Husbands sometimes are not very cooperative, are they!? And, as Winnie the Pooh often said, "Oh, bother!"

  3. i do not know too much about their traditions and rites, but they build gorgeous worship centers!