Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Stop

What a contrast to those sweet little farms and plowed fields. We have arrived at our final destination, and it looks a bit like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, but it's actually called the Windy City, and you are looking at the Trump Tower.(on a very nice day,I might add) in Chicago.

If you love big cities, there's a lot to love about Chicago!
The Marina Towers were an award winning design of  Bertrand Goldberg in 1959; certainly trend setters of their time. The first nineteen floors of these corn cob looking structures are parking garages and above that, wedge shaped condominiums, where there are no right angles.
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  1. I have been in Chicago and I liked it, but windy it was. Our hotel was close to the lake, so we had a beautiful view, but a strong wind when you walked there.

  2. Well, this definitely calls for a spring visit to the Windy City, a town that I adore.

  3. That's right Kate, you are not that far away.

    Unseasonable warm...and folks here are loving it!
    As Tom says: "Chicago, my kind of town". Okay, maybe not Tom's quote :)

  4. yup, i agree. chicago is a very cool city. :)