Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snip snip

Well, here is an important person in my life. My hair dresser. She has been cutting my hair for at least ten years now. I had been trying shops all over the area, only going in for a cut about once a month. The second time I went here, she called me by name and remembered the conversation we had had on the last visit. In a town so large, there is something comforting about someone knowing your name.


  1. That is nice to have your personal hairdresser. We have so many girls, I never can remember their names, so I have had many doing my hair. But it is mostly allright.

  2. What a lovely woman; she has a marvelous head of hair!

  3. Me too Janey, I wouldn't let anyone but my hairdresser touch my hair, she has beautiful hair, always the sign of a good hairdresser oui!