Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dust Off The Apron

It's time to dust off the apron

Get out the ingredients

Zest the oranges
Mix  the cranberries, white chocolate, flour, oats, butter and brown sugar

and make Cranberry Bliss Bars . Done!.....

and all packaged up to hand out to friends, at a Christmas dinner party.
Cranberries, oranges and chocolate in the oven sure make this house smell sweet!
I hope that you are enjoying what ever you are doing this holiday season!
Happy Holidays!

Having computer problems at home. This is coming to you from an early morning coffee shop. Wish I had brought along a cranberry bliss bar!
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  2. You are a good friend and delightful hostess! Those bars look scrumptious. PS. Those comments from faysal ahmed are simply spam!!

  3. Well, they look delicious! I can smell the fragrances of your lovely kitchen from here!


  4. You are a real kitchen princess. It all looks so nice and the packages are almost professional.