Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where am I?

Most people would answer San Antonio...because pictured above is surely the Alamo?Right? Looking twice wouldn't really help, because it is an exact Cypress Texas, just 20 min from my house.

Built in 1987 by chairman of Kwik Kopy Corp. to the dismay of The Republic of Texas, a non profit organization, who manages the state-owned Alamo. That organization feels like the Alamo is a shrine to the men that gave their lives there for Texas Independence. The Kwik Kopy executive, and avid historian, wanted to add the structure to his  campus training center on a 23 acre facility in Cypress. Which by the way, he did.
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  1. It looks rather authentic, nice of the chairman to have it built.

  2. Certainly another tribute cannot hurt! I hope he also provided money to maintain it.